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The general name for a home school is a Boarding House. It is described to be a di-learning centre where the students both live and study in the same surroundings.A home school can be either owned by a private or public sector which each has its benefits to the parties involved: source, students and general public. Students who attend a home school are usually taken care of by foster parents called House Masters and Mistresses for the particular academic session. The foster parents help them in saving their stipends,provisions, other important stuff,and also perform the general role of a foster parent .
Apparently, young students who grow up from a home school learn to be independent early in life and as well develop a great sense of interpersonal relationship. Staying together with a totally different individual in what they call ” hostels” enjoying the leisure hours as well as the ” qurarrels outbreak sessions” is a great social experience.
The quarrels outbreak sessions are actually the most interesting part of the home school where the young students jeer for whom they support and take sides behind whom they presume is right. However, all these comes to an end the moment the house master or mistress steps in.
Another interesting arena in a home school is the dining room as it is mostly called. A place where the students get their daily meal. Students clustering outside the dining room awaiting their food and the singing and beating of the dining tables are lovely and enjoyable moments each home- schooled child enjoy.
Although the system is relative to the kind of home school a young student attends, another part which the indolent students dread is the night prep period. A period of serious reading and studying compulsory in most schools for students to go over what they’ve learnt through out the day.
The “olugbos” are a special kind of students whom the house masters and mistresses were always on the look out for. These sets of students are those whom you’ll never see in the night prep neither will you see them for the early morning general prayers. They have their hideouts where they take cover when it’s time for these activities before returning to the dormitory after the house masters and mistresses have presumed to have everyone out.
Students who attend a home school usually have a particular reason why they are been adopted there which varies from one to the other and it includes stubborn habit of students, change of environment and search for greener pasture (better academics pursuit). Behaviours of students that attend a home school also vary as some acquire positive values and some acquire the negative ones.
Positive values gained by students in a home school include: fast learning ability, measure of adaptability, fast thinking ability, among others WHILE negative values gained by students in a home school include: scaling of fences, bad reputation, bullying act, dirtiness among others.
The home school is an interesting and enjoyable way of learning. The students have more time to spend with colleagues, however the system of day-schooling cannot be underestimated. It’s an equally appealing technique of learning where the children can narrate their ordeal to their parents at home whose responsibility is to make corrections on what has been done wrong and access the growth of their child personally.
Our lasting note on this article is a question that needs an answer which is; Is a home school profitable? Give Your Reasons!

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