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He stood up and started walking out of the market as fast as his crutch could allow him. He looked up to see two people walking ahead of him, and he had no time to wonder how they had bypassed him. Their footsteps was lightning fast compared to his and his movements turned into limps on his good left leg. He saw their steps turn into strides as they raced towards a mini van parked by the roadside. He took in the salty water that flowed into his mouth after the rain rinsed his face. His bushy hair was wet and so was the rest of his body, the snow flakes hit his body harder than a barrage of stones in addition to the stormy cold wind.

Danjuma gasped as he saw the the man at the door of the driver’s side empty his pocket trying to find the key. Danjuma had to drop his crutch and took to the air in giant limps. Then the man found it, and though a few metres away, Danjuma had never felt so close to achieving something in his life not even the anticipation of the daily earning as a beggar never matched this one that he felt.
He took one leap, then another and another, the tension already building up in his left leg as the soles of his feet began to hurt in his old sandals and the bandage on his right leg was soaking wet as it hung behind him.

The man entered the car hurriedly and opened the door for his partner, who got in as well. Danjuma opened his mouth in a scream that never came out. He slowed down on the muddy and waterlogged ground and barely escaped falling and further injuring his already fractured leg. He stopped and took a crouching position, his right leg raised and stretched forward above the muddy ground. He used both his hands behind his back on the ground to keep his bottom off the muddy water with his left leg acting as the front wheel and he became the human tricycle; a picture very few people can imagine if he ever finds the voice to tell the tale.

The car was having trouble starting and danjuma was having issues moving through the mud, his hands were muddy so was his free leg and his bottom when it came in contact with the mud. He waved his right hand in the air hoping someone would see him as the car started. He made an attempt to scream his lungs out but all that came out was nothing more than a whistle’s whisper.

He gave up and stopped moving as the car receded out of sight. He closed his eyes in the rain as his soul and heart wept, the beating of the rain made him wish to give up his spirit as well.

Danjuma would see the day end for what it was, a really bad day. He could do nothing, couldn’t talk and for sometime will be unable to walk. He let nature take its course, sat right there in the mud as he did his crying in the rain. He was many things DUMB, LAME and REALLY WET.

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