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Doesn’t this sound like a cliché? I mean, we’ve been hearing this since like forever!

Yeah yeah, those motivational speakers and their “lies” again, lol.

But what comes to mind when we see those who defy the odds, who go against the norms and actually show to everyone they’re actually made for more, beyond reasonable doubts? Don’t search too far : Dora Akunyili, Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Akinwumi Adesina, Tiger Woods, the list goes on… 

We’ve been attending programs, listening to speakers, buying their books and what have you, but when’s all what we dream about ever gonna happen to us? Do we ever get to have a clue as to HOW to do these seemingly impossible? Or do they just die in our heads?

Hey Special, hold up!

Being ‘made’ for more means first believing you have more to offer and that you also have the ability to do more than you think!

That motivation comes from your inner self. Yup, not outside. Motivational posts and speakers could help the drive somewhere in you peek out, to tell you “hey, I’m here!”. But you have to look within and bring out that self motivation. Remember, in a bid to “do more”, you can’t be everybody. Search your inner self to know what you’re cut out for. Be true to you. Then push yourself away from the comfort zone, go out there and wow yourself with the beautiful things you achieve. 

Something funny about the comfort zone is that you don’t get to see and experience things beyond what comes to you. You’re indoor all day, in front of the TV. You do realize your knowledge of what goes on would be determined by what the TV brings to you. But get up, throw on some T-shirt and jeans, slide into your sneakers, pick ur phone and keys up and step out of that comfort zone! Voila! You’d see a whole new world,–which of course may appear similar to that on TV, but so different still. Your view widens, you know better. You’re armed with information already and you are ready to make use of it as you navigate your way through, also learning more and adding to your knowledge. See? You’re a better person already! It’s a process where you get developed along the way.

In everything, get the right information, stick with the right people who’d push you to be your best, hope and trust that things will get better, and keep working towards beautiful success! 

Hey Special, you’re made for more!

written by : Esther Afolabi

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