The general name for a home school is a Boarding House. It is described to be a di-learning centre where the students both live and study in the same surroundings.A home school can be either owned by a private or public sector which each has its benefits to the parties involved: source, students and general.


Along the road that leads to Eke market, just two houses before the popular udala tree that lovers secretly came to at night; there was a small hut that housed Nonso and his grandmother. Nonso was eight when I was eighteen, yet Nonso told everyone that was close to him and cared to know that.


He stood up and started walking out of the market as fast as his crutch could allow him. He looked up to see two people walking ahead of him, and he had no time to wonder how they had bypassed him. Their footsteps was lightning fast compared to his and his movements turned into limps.

SILENT (episode 1)

He gazed into the dimming light provided by the dark and cloudy sky hovering over the market place. Danjuma gripped firmly with his right hand on the crutch that serves as his right leg following his accident which led to the bone fracture on his left leg. The accident left him with an open wound.


In my days as a little kid, I had always ran out of fear whenever I encounter a local scavenger in my neighborhood. Their appearances, mode of dressing, behaviour and stalking movement around the neighborhood has always been a cause for alarm when they appear in the environment . A local scavenger is a person.

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