BLEEDING ROSE – Final Episode

She awoke to heavy knocking on her door as she roused she saw it was getting dark, she opened the door to see her step mother, who pushed her back and started shouting at her “Did you mean to kill him? I’ve always imagined you had a sinister side and I have seen it, little.


When she woke up her whole body ached, her joints still sore from the manhandling she had endured. She looked and saw him staring at her, she was startled, scared even thinking he would harm her again but he just smiled at her and apologized to her that he was just playing with her that.


Rachel was cycling around the empty streets with few familiar faces wondering to herself why there was little to no activity on the street that led to her house, her twelve year old mind could not make sense of it but she kept cycling, enjoying the breeze as it blew gently across her face and.

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